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The other day my boyfriend and I bought a book that describes all of the UNESCO world’s heritage sites. It’s a great and inspiring book and it just makes you want to travel. More and more. There are so many amazing things in this world that have to be seen.

I looked quickly in this book and realized that I’ve already seen some of the sites. Not many, but it’s a great start. And then the idea was born: “Let’s start a blog and write about all the sites that we’ve visited.” Sure, why not.

Since the sites are quite many we’ll just write about the ones we’ve visited already. Is that cheating? Not really. We have pictures, we have memories, I have paper diaries from most of my travels. We’ll just write them down in this blog in a post or two every week. Maybe we’ll write about travel preparations. Maybe we’ll write new posts about the sites that we visit again. We’ll see. Maybe we should sometimes post the entire list with all the sites already visited and those that are still left to visit.

The list is at the UNESCO’s page. You can find it here (link to UNESCO’s world heritage list).

Maybe this is an unrealistic and too big project to grasp at once? Well, how about starting with three years and aiming at as many sites as possible. Ley’s try to make it 100 to begin with. The rest is bonus. If it works well we’ll continue with 100 more.

And a gew words about us:

  • I’m Monika, I live in Stockholm, Sweden and work as consultant for a great IT-company, HiQ. I love travelling, photogrphy and just being happy.
  • Jany is my boyfriend and he loves this idea as well. He does also love travelling, photography and my crazy ideas.
  • Maybe there will also be one more friend blogging with us, maybe not. We’ll see. That’s a little secret for now.

That’s about it for a start. Let’s have fun!

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