Short recap of sites already seen

Today we went back home from Jany’s mother. It’s about two hour ride by train. We had some time to think and plan and view the book with all the wold’s heritage sites. A short recap: we visited 52 or 54 sites already. Good job. Some recently, some few years ago. We think that we should go again to some and we will for sure go back to others. Just because we can.

This summer we’re planning on going on gorilla-trekk in Uganda. The book describes gorilla forest in Congo. It’s the same forest though. We’ll see if it counts.

Anyways, we plan to describe all the visited sites continuosly. Maybe two every week?

I also told my brother about my plans and this blog. He is going to think about joining our travel team. We’ll see.

Today we left the travel plans for a while and finished the new floor in the kitchen. Take a look!


The floor is light, one wall is orange, the other wall is grey. On the grey one we will put up some great photos from our adventures. We will paint the door white. How about that?

And more travel plans? This fall we plan to visit the United Kingdom and some of the World’s heritage sites. We’ll keep you updated.



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