The Fortress of Sumelinna

As a child I had a neighbour and a very good friend, Ewa.  As we were same age, we went to the same school and class. We also spent most of our spare time together. After my family moved to Sweden we kept in touch with long letters and short phone calls and we also visited each other now and then. When we did, we didn’t only stay at home. We did some short weekend trips.

That’s how we ended up in Helsinki, Finland in year 2000, and saw the famous fortress of Somelinna, in Swedish called Sveaborg.The place was added to World’s heritage list in 1992.

The place was green and nice, since we went there in early summer. It was still crowded. I guess that on a nice sunny day it’s a perfect place for a family excursion.

There were some military objects to see, it’s a fortress after all. We climbed inside a submarine, watched towers and had some coffe. The place was easy to reach, which is good.

Since I couldn’t find any pictures I will simply have to visit it again and write a new post about it.

And for now my grade for this site is three globes out of five:




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