Challenge yourself and think about what you CAN do

Yesterday was a great day. My company, HiQ arranged the yearly customer event, Kunskapsbaren, the Knowledge Bar. There were sveral different inspiring seminars and a huge party with food and drinks and great music afterwards.

At the same time as the other seminars there was a special one for girls/women in the IT business. The main attraction was Annelie Pompe, who held a really inpiring speach about how to reach the top with the right state of mind. You are not supposed to think about things you can’t do, think that you CAN do it, you can reach the top. Then of course you have to train and make yourself ready to reach your goal. Nevertheless the mental training is as important as the physical one.

Annelie should know. She has the world record in free diving, 126 meters on one breath of air. That’s impressive. Even more impressive was that she made it to Mt Everest’s top few months after the deep record dive.

I got inspired, now I’m more convinced that I can make it to Kilimanjaro’s top with the right approach. I will make it to the gorillas this summer and will see all the wonderful creatures, it’s all possible.A great thing that she mentioned about the goal with Mt Everest was to get back to the base camp. The same thing I felt on my way to Kilimanjaro. I would come up, but I would come down. It’s better to get down and have one more try.

After the lectures it was time for our pub or call it party. The customers were there, we were there, Dregen was there. What else is needed? Great food, nice drinks and great music with our band HEO. Just great.

No more world’s heritage places to write about today, but this great inspiration. It’s all possible with the right state of mind.

See you out there!



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