The Cathedral of Notre-Dame watches Paris every day

The original plan with writing only once a week doesn’t work. Not at all. I want to write more, more often and tell you all about the already visited sites and all the planned ones. So I will write more often. We will write more often. Here comes one report from a magnificent site in Paris, the Notre Dame cathedral. We visited it early this spring, in March 2012.

During our last visit to Paris we stayed quite close to the Cathedral of Notre-Dame. It was a perfect little hotel, Acte V, with very nice staff, good coffee and confortable rooms. The lift and the staircase were a little bit claustrophobic, but you don’t spend time in the lift, so that’s all right. The hotel had wifi, but it was out of order this weekend. Well, well.

When we got to Paris we took a commuter train from the airport and got out of the train just outside the Notre Dame. It was short walk to the hotel, but we were of course confused, so we took a little bit longer way than necessary. At the hotel we also discovered that we could see the Cathedral from our balcony. It was THAT close.

This time we didn’t get inside. I’ve been there before acouple of times and this time the crowd waiting to get in was huge, so the quiet feeling of a church wouldn’t be so quiet. Maybe I’m wrong person doing this if I want to avoid tourist crowds. On the other side I’m an early bird and have no problem getting up in the morning, so it’s probably possible to avoid the biggest crowds.

I’m not really sure what I think about churches. I find some quiet and nice, I find some as beautiful art collections and some are not special at all. The Cathedral of Notre-Dame is very special. It’s magnificent, beautiful and majestic. It’s gothic architechture and it’s size makes it amazing and a little bit scary at the same time. The sculptures, both on the inside and ouside, the towers ovelooking Paris, the crypts, the stairs, all of it makes it perfect for any movie, a romantic comedy, a scary one, a thriller or just a historic. It fits perfectly into Paris and Paris embraces it.

Would this be the same in any other city? I’m not sure. The city itself has to be worth it a site lute this. The Cathedral of Notre-Dame is perfect for Paris and Paris is perfect for the cathedral. It would probably not be the same in any other place. It still would be very great, but different.

Is it worth seeing? Yes, it is. Have you been to Paris, but not seen the Notre-Dame, you have to go back. Paris is a city that you go back to anyways. See it. Haven’t you been inside? You should see it on the inside at least once. Haven’t you been to Paris yet? Well, it’s time to do it!

A curious note: did you know that Hanoi in Vietnam also has a Notre-Dame Cathedral? It’s not as great and magnificent and it’s smaller, but it looks very similar to the one in Paris. If you go to Hanoi, see it and compare.

My grade for this site is four globes out of five:

The link to the site: Notre-Dame



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