Skočjan Caves in Slovenia – home of dragons and bats

Slovenia, Postojnska cave

The summer of 2011 was the time when we visited several sites in Slovenia and Poland. Among them was the Skočjan Cave in Slovenia. It wasn’t really a part of plan, but plans are great to have, so they can be changed, so we changed ours. The same day we visited another cave in the vicinity, so we decided to see this one as well.

Slovenia, Morning in Bled

A beautiful morning in Bled. Early sunrise. Welcome to heaven.

We started that vacation in Bled, a beautiful little town that looked like a postcard with it’s lake, the Alps, cute houses, a castle and a church on the island on the lake. We spent several days in Bled wandering around, feeding swans, taking a boat ride on the lake, walking up and down many stairs to the castle (about 500) and eating good food. This vacation started out really well.

Slovenia, Castle and lake in Bled

The castle in Bled. Just by the lake, on top of a hill.

Slovenia, woman in Bled

A woman enjoying the view of the lake in Bled.

After a few days we visited Ljubjana and the coast. Even there we climbed many more stairs in order to see castles and churches. Somehow building beautiful sites included many stairs. The more, the better place. Or maybe it’s just a coincidence. By the end of our stay in Slovenia it was time for the caves. Isay caves, because we saw two and not only one. By that day the weather had changed and instead of beautiful sunshine the weather became foggy and rainy. What a perfect day to visit caves!

Slovenia, Portoroz

The town of Portoroz by the sea.

The first cave we visited was Postojnska Jama. And what a cave! You had to ride a train from the entrance to what felt like the middle of the earth. Or at least the cave. We drove by cool formations with stalactites hanging from the ceiling and stalagmites growing on the groung. More and more magnificent. The the train stopped and we continued to explore the cave walking. And there were very nice rooms and bridges, lakes and cool structures created by nature alone. It’s like another world, totally separated from ours. At the end of our tour we even saw dragons, small creatures that live in the cave’s waters and look like small dragons.

Slovenia, Postojnska jama, cave

The Postojnska Cave, or a little part of it.

Slovenia, Postojnska cave

Small stalactites in the Postojnska cave.

After the first cave we decided to visit the Skocjan cave as well. I wonder if the both caves are considered to belong to the same world heritage site or not. It feels almost like that. And was this a great cave as well! The stalactites and stalagmites, the huge chambers, the lakes and bridges, all of it made the cave a great experience. It felt like magic, just like the first one. Like anothe world. The mountains in this region must be like a Swiss cheese, filled with holes, I guess that they are quite soft, so that water can carve out some marvelous structures.

Slovenia, Skocjan cave

Very interesting formations in the Skocjan cave.

Tha cave had lots of bats living and flying inside it as well and probably some other creatures as well. Maybe a fire-spitting dragon as well hidden deep down?

Slovenia, Skocjan cave

In the end of the cave we saw a light.

Outside the cave Slovenia was really pretty too, like a postcard almost everywhere. Go there if you haven’t been there yet. We travelled a little more in Slovenia, going, on a foggy day to mauntains, in Krajnska Gora and rode a car-train, being able to pass through tunnels in the mountains, made for trains, in stead of going around the mountains.

Slovenia, Krajnska gora

Mountains on a foggy day.

Slovenia Alps

Like a postcard.

This site became a world heritage site in 1986. Link to this site: Skocjan Caves.

My grade for this site: four globes out of five:



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2 thoughts on “Skočjan Caves in Slovenia – home of dragons and bats

  1. Exceptional piece of writing! Just lately been researching in and around for a long time for some-thing like this. Wherein did you receive the points originally from? Would you publish a few more resources for the article for extra reading material.

    • minqan says:

      I thank you for your kind comments. I write what I myself feel and experience during my trips. I love writing, so I’d love to write more.

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