Ha Long Bay in the mist

Ha long bay

On my Vietnam trip in early 2009 we started out in Hanoi, which I decribed in an earlier post and continued north to Ha Long Bay. It is not so far, but due to traffic and several stops for photos it took some time. Fortunately, I was not the only photographer onboard. There was also a man, Christer Löfgren, who is a photographer from Stockholm.

vietnam woman

Vietnamese woman

I will stop using Spring, Summer, Autum and Winter to describe a period of time. We are so used to it, but on the other side of the earth it’s just the oposite. When I talk about Summer, it’s about to become Winter in Southern Africa or Australia. I case I use these to describe time I will try to be more specific and also write were.

propaganda poster

Vietnamese propaganda poster


Everything can be transported on a small motorbike

Back to Vietnam. We passed by rice field, wjere people worked from early morning with harvesting rice in the water. It must be a hard life. Rice is a quite central thing there. It’s important to survive and many people depend on it, in this life and in the next one. They even burrie their dead in the rice fields. So they protect the rice field and have enough food for the after-life travel. Why not?

rice field

Working in a rice field

happy people

Happy people


Working in the sand

After a while we came to Ha Long Bay. The weather was dizzy and cloudy. It would be nice with sunshine, but I think the clouds and fog made the bay look even more magical and mystical.

ha long bay

Entering the Ha Long Bay

A little boat

A little boat next to the big one

We travelled on a touristuc boat, where we had a wonderful seafood luch. I don’t think that many local people eat this good. Very often I want to be a part of the real and genuine life when I visit a place, but this time it was OK to be served the tourist stuff.

Sea food

Wonderful plate with sea food

Ha Long Bay in the fog

Ha long bay

Beautiful Ha Long Bay

The Ha Long Bay was magical. The stone formations varved by water were everywhere and told us a story of nature’s force and that with small means and a lot of will it’s possible to change the world.

Ha Long Bay

Beautiful lime stone formations in Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay

Mysterious Ha Long Bay in the fog

After few hours on the water we stopped by a cave in the bay and visited it as well. The cave, Dong Thien Cung,   is also a part of this world heritage site. It was beautifully light up. The stone formations told storries of dragons and beasts and Romeo and Juliet. The cave was magical and time flew very fast. Soon the day was over and it was time for the next adventure.


Very nice cave in Ha Long Bay

Beautiful formations of the cave


A little bridge outside the cave in Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay was chosen as world heritage site in 1994.Link to the site: Ha Long Bay.

My grade to this site is four out of five:



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