Valletta – a little pearl on the yellow island of Malta


Few years ago, in June of 2004, I booked a diving trip to Malta. It was April, I wanted to travel and dive and see a place I haven’t seen before. So I chose Malta, the red island. Or maybe yellow. With sandstone everywhere it’s carved like a Swiss cheese. Mostly under the surface, but still.


Beautiful blue lagoon

We arrived in the morning and after a quick ride with the shuttle bus we were at the hotel in town called Sliema. The hotel was nice, but looked like a touristic trap. There were many strange people who seemed to have left their brain at home asking in the elevator at the bottom floor Going up? Ignoring other tourists was easy with beautiful view, colourfull boats and sunshine.


A colourfull boat in Malta


A very colourfull old bus on Malta

Diving was nice. We saw quite a few small and larger fish, but the number of other things was not so great. One time, our dive guide tried to point out something. He was excited, very excited. After a while we understood that he saw a sea star. We’ve seen hundreds of them on the west coast of Sweden. Besides the sea star we saw some caves and cool formation, beautiful lagoons and sunshine. IN one of the lagoons, on the land we saw something that looked like old ruins. There was mosaic laying around. Wonder what it was?

Mysterious mosaic found on the island

There were not so many animals on the island. Not large anyways, some stray cats and lizzards. And of course birds and fish and the rabbits that became a national dish and we never saw.


A stray cat, one of many


A small lizzard on Malta

We travelled qite a lot on the island and even took a trip to Gozo. It was even more beautiful with its lazure blue lagoon and wonderful waters. I had a small accident on Gozo. I went swimming with my little camera in underwater housing. Suddenly I saw that the housing was filled with water. It wasn’t closed properöy. The camera haven’t been the same since then.

Church on Gozo

A beautiful church on Gozo

On wonderful Malta we tried to eat what they said to be their national dish: rabbit in garlic. It was a good thing to create a national dish in order to solve a problem with those rodents.


We traveled a lot by bus. They were old busses from the 50-ies. Very pretty and cool. Malta is not a big island, so we saw a lot of it.

A wall in Valletta. Was it once a defence wall?


A beautiful building in Valletta

And one day, finally, we visited Valletta. It’s capital of Malta and, I think, the largest city. It has very special history. It belonged ro many different countries over the years and it has influences from different cultures. Since it is located between Europe, Africa and the Orient it has influences from Europe (and especially Great Brittain), Africa and the Orient. We were in harbor and walked around the ols town. There were many small shops and cute little streets. Valletta is an old military city and it has kept its old character. It feels like the time had stopped. If you look at the old cars and bysses it could be the 1950-ies, if you look at the buikldings it could be 18:th century. It’s not easy to know and the feeling is quite special.


More yellow buildings in Valletta, probably with some military history.


A church in town. Gueass the colour, yes, yellow

But was Valletta so special? I liked it, but I like many places and don’t feel I need to go back. It was nice to visit Valletta, it was easy to get there and to move around. I liked the rest of Malta and Gozo even more.

Valletta became a world heritage site in 1980. Link to the site: Valletta.

And my grade for this site is three out of five: (Malta as whole would probably get four and Gozo maybe even five):


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2 thoughts on “Valletta – a little pearl on the yellow island of Malta

  1. Christina says:

    Malta looks so awesome. I had a friend in high school whose family was from there, so that’s how I knew a little about it – but otherwise, I feel like it’s pretty off the radar!

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