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New adventures, new sites and new travel plans

It’s been some time, but now we’re back. Some updates will come soon. This is just a short preview of things that will come.

We just came back from a great adventure to Kenya and Uganda. During that time we visited  three world heritage sites.

The first one was one of the lakes in the Great Rift Valley lake system, Lake Nakuru. We saw beautiful views, we saw birds and different animals. It was like on film, but for real.

The second one was Kasubi Tombs in Kampala. It was a really interesting visit that made me realize how little we know about history of these people and this ge´reat continent.

Last, bu definetly not least was another site in Uganda, the Bwindi Inpenetrable Forest with its gorillas. Where the mist can be thick, the ants were huge and the jungle dense. But finally was saw the gorillas. Yes we did!

This was just a teaser, More about these sites will come here soon.

And the world heritage list is growing. This year, so far, there are 26 new inscriptions.

New Inscribed Properties

That’s few more places to visit, some more amazing things to see. Well. See ypu put there!


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