Zanzibar and Stone town with beautiful doors, narrow streets and voodoo

I described my trip to Serengetti, Ngorongoro and Kilimanjaro a while ago. The trip was early in 2007 to Tanzania and we ended it with some resting on a Zanzibar beach. We stayed in Zanzibar’s town, Stone Town, in the beginning and end of the stay. And we liked it. It was charming, it was cozy and it was beautiful. People were nice and welcoming. Beautiful views, beautiful town, beautiful island.


Tembo hotel, pretty nice place


We had a cute green lizard behind the curtain

We stayed at Tembo hotel, a beautiful place with a pool and wonderful breakfast buffé.Since we came here straight from Kilimanjaro we were tried, dirty and fascinated by the fact that we had real toilet. I’m surprised that we were alowed to fly to Zanzibar and that we were allowed to check in into the hotel. We were stinking! One week climbing up to Kilimanjaro with no showers, imagine that. But we were allowed to check in anf take a hot, nice hower.  Life was good.

The town was very sympathic. We wandered around, exploring the narrow streets. We visited many shops, talked to people and walked, walked, walked. The narrow streets hide surprises everywhere. Cute shops, small cafés and very nice atmosphere.


Narrow street of Stone Town


Spider in Stone Town. I don’t like spiders, but sometimes they are beautiful. Scary and beautiful at the same time. Doeas anyone know name of this one?

One thing that we noticed were signs. Almost every place had at least one. Big and small. There were wonderful hand-painted sign everywhere. They were pretty and ugly at the same time and very genuine.


Catering, anyone? Cute hand-painted sign


Saloon to make you even prettier


Work-out is good for you

Another thing that Zanzibar and Stone Town are known for are the doors. We looked at the beautiful doors, so well known around the world.They were in all sizes and color, one more magnificent than others, wow. What a handcraft! Huge and steady doors that wake up your imagination. What are they hiding. Is the inside as beautiful as the doord? They must be very protective.

Another beautiful door, wonder what hides behind it?


Blue door


One more door, one more secret

We visited many shops, some with antiques, some with souvenirs, some with hats and some with very nice fabrics. In one of the shops I found a very special and nice Christmas cradle made of corn. There is baby Jesus, the Holy Family, the three kings and some animals. Small corn figures. Wonderful.
christmas crub

The wonderful Cgristmas crub

We also found a school that we visited. The kids were very cute. We talked to the teachers and kids said in one voice “Good morning visitrs! How are you visitors!” There were both very young kids and older students in the school.


school – kid learning important knowledge


A beautiful mosque in Stone Town

 Food and drinks is another story, even better. Seafood everywhere and very fresh. I was in heaven. We also visited the Mercury’s Bar. Freddie Mercury was from Stone Town and had a bar here. The bar still exists and server drinks, good food. Of course it’s touristic, but it’s OK. We enjoyed it.

And one day we got a little surprise, a vision of the future. My friend and I were siting, drinking coffee and into the restaurant came two older ladirs. One was dark-haired and looked pretty muck like me, theother one was readish-haired and looked just like my friend.  They looked just the two of us, 50 years from now.


Freddie Mercury’s famous bar in Stone Town

 Rest of Zaanzibar that we visited was very relaxing. White beaches, palm trees, warm water in the ocean and fresh sea food, lots of seafood. We spent our time swimming in the ocean, walking on the beach, drinking colorful drinks and watching people.There were some salemen at the beach trying to sell jewlery, beautiful shells and scarfes. They were there, but they were not bothering proplr too much. We bought some scarfes one day, but the shells we just laying around, sp we collected some during our walks on the beach.

Salesman on a bike on the beach


White sand, blue water and happy people

Since our place, where we stayed didn’t have place on the beach we sat down under some shady umbrellas  that belonged to some other place. We figured that if they don’t want us there they will tell us to go and we will. And soon after we arrived a big “”Mama” came out:

-“Do ypu live here?”
“Noooo.” – we almost started packing our stuff
“OK, then I’m sorry to tell you that anything you order must be payed at once. If you stayed here I could put it on your room. Do you want menu?”
Wonderful, just wonderful. People were very friendly.

Good protrction from the sun


Beautiful beach in the morning sun

I found a dive-center where this Swedish girl worked. She worked in Sweden, in a telecom company during Swedish summers and on Zanzibar during Swedish winter. Pretty good deal.I went scuba diving a few times. It was OK. The fish were colorful and many, but the wave were two high for my stomach. One of the times I saw an octopus fighting another fish. It swam away in a black cloud of ink. Pretty cool. I also saw a sting ray, some lionfish and other creatures.

Colorful fish


This guy is starring at you!


Beautiful creature


Returning from a dive trip

The place that we stayed at was not too good, but had a nice breakfast and some cool excursions. One day we went also swimming with dolphins. Even if it was fun we shouldn’t havet. They were almost chasing the poor creatures and turists that were jumping in scared them away. Well…The dolphis were nice and we even saw them mating.

Swimming with dolphins


I love beeing on water!

T the end of the trip we also went snorkling at the Prison Island outside the Stone Town. The snorkling was good.Maybe even better than diving. Almost at least. I got a snorkle that was leaking, so water sipped in and I got more and more in my mouth for ebery breath that I took. It was a challenge to continue, but I made it and afterwards it was fun.

How about Prison Island?Prison Island was, once, a prison. It almost like Alcatraz or Robin Island. It’s an island meant as prison. Pretty close to the cicilization and yet, so very far away. I wonder how it felt to be prisoner here? Once upon a time someone imported small turtles from Galapagos. Well, giant turtles, but young. They grew bigger and stayed on the island. Now the island together with the turtles is a tourist attraction.nt turtles from Galapagos. The island is beautiful and it was cool to see the giant turtles.

Prison Island

Prison Island outside Stone Town


Head of giant turtle

Beautiful door at Prison Island

Last but not least we visited a jungle on Zanzibar.We walked around with a guide who poited out different creatures, plants and told us different stories of this region. The guide was good until he started to tell us about voodoo in the forest. It was still OK, but it got a bit funny. Maybe I should be more scared?

We saw also mangrove part of the forest and climed on the roots. Pretty strong roots.The wateer was not to high, so climbing on the roots was possible.


Roots in the mangroove forest

And finally we saw the red Colubus monkeys. There are not many places that you can find them, abd this is the only on Zanzibar. They are very  cute creatures, looking like they all were having bad-hair day. They come very close.


Red Colubus mankey chilling


Bad hair day

Zanzibar was a wonderful place. Very nice people, sunny beaches, happy kids, wonderful food, you name it!. Stone town was a very special place as well. The island belongs to Tanzania, but could be an own country. It feels different and someway independent. I liked both Zanzibar and Stone Town. The whole Tanzania as well, by the way.


Beach in the morning

The Zanzibarstay was good. Stone town, that is a world heritage since year 2000. Was good. The link to the site: Stone Town.
And my grade? Four out of five:
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    [The name of the spider]

    Lovely shots. Arabian architecture is fab. 🙂

  2. Stone Town looks a beautiful place. I particularly loved the blue door.

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