Gorillas, Masais, Rift Valley and Lost waterfalls on the Nile (part 1 of 4)

lionThe new adventure officially started in July of 2012, as we waited for the airplane to Qatar and then to Africa. The great Africa. Once you go there you never get enough and want more and more and more. This time would not be different. In an earlier post, that I wrote, you can read about how we actually decided on this trip  our ordeal to see the gorillas. The trip was not only to the gorillas, it was from Nairobi to Masai Mara, then Lake Naivasha, Lake Nakuru, Kampala, Queen Elisabeths National Park and finaly the gorillas in Bwindi.


A view of Nairobi from the hotel window


A beautiful antelope in the Nairobi National Park


An ostrich

The flight was OK, change in Quatar painless and arrival in Nairobi early. Filling out the visa papers, getting visas and getting taxi from the airport was quite fast as well. But the ride to the hotel wasn’t. Traffic in Nairobi in an early hour stands practically still.  No rushing during the rush hour! The taxi driver was really nice and told us a lot about Nairobi, himself, his family, what we should do and see in Nairobi. We talked about the recent explosion in the city and the unstable situation in the North and that Nairobi was now quite safe city. On the way we saw Marabou storks on the lamp posts, pretty cool. Finally we got to the hotel.

secretary bird

Secretary bird in Nairobi National Park


Lion in Nairobi National Park. Siluette of the city makes it look quite apocalyptic.


Lions taking a walk

The Merridian hotel was neat the financial district and was pretty nice. Maybe not the best hotel you can imagine, but the price is resonable, the staff really nice and the view of Nairobi from the roof was nice as well. There was a pool on the roof, but we didn’t try it and no one else did for some time either. The first day we just rested. We didn’t sleep so much during the flight, so this was well needed. In the afternoon we walked to a nearby store and got some water and booked a half-day trip to Nairobi National Park for the following day. We had one extra day in Nairobi after all, before the tour began.


A great team: bufallo and a bird




Cute little bird

During the night there was fire alarm, so we got up, got dressed and, as drilled swedes, got down. False alarm. In the morning we met our guide who was going to take us to the Nairobi National Park in a 4WD vehicle. Except that he was not a guide, just a driver. Thetour was quite nice anyway. We saw some giraffes, a rhino, a few lion, bufallos, many anthelopes and a hue bird by the side of the road eating a smaller animal. The feeling of looking at wild animals with the city siluette in the background was a little spooky, almost apocalyptic. Very cool.

crowned heron

Crowned hrron




The next day the adventure began. We met our guide Mike and the cook Vincent and our drivers for the first part of the tour. And, of course, all the people that we were going to travel with. We ebded up in a 4WD vehicle with two South African sisters who greeted our trio with: “We are loud!” and we replied: “So are we.” The last person in our team was Gary from Australia and he was just as the rest of us. His two companios went in the second car.


An eagle by the side of the road


A close shot of the eagle that is having a meal in the Nairobi National Park

The Aussies came without the luggage, it was stuck in an airport between Nairobi and Australia, so the first stop was in a shopping mall in Nairobi for us to get some water and exchange some money and for them to buy some clothes and few things to survive a few says before the luggage finds us.

To be continued…


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