Gorillas, Masais, Rift Valley and lost waterfalls on the Nile (part 2 of 4)


The traffic out of Nairobi was bad, but our driver and guide,David, managed to get us out in good mood. After a few hours we arrived in the first camp site and spent the first afternoon in the Masai Mara National Park. We saw lots of animals from the very  the very beginning. We saw zebras, many birds, antelopes and several elephants. The views were beautiful and the elephants paraded in front of us, beside us and behind us in wonderful evening light. It felt wonderful being back.


Elephants in the afternoon sun


Buffalos getting ready for the night


Zebras are pretty cool animals


Two cheetah in the morning sun in Masai Mara National Park

We also saw a half-eaten animal, maybe wildebeest? And not far from the corpse there was a lion with huge belly, resting in the grass. I’m guessing a connection between the two. Before we left the park for the night we stopped by a big herd of buffalo. They were enjoying the evening, getting ready for the night. Very nice afternoon, that just gave us a slight hint of what may come.


Lions that just caught a bufallo. It’s the law of the nature, survival of the fittest, eat or be eaten.

Masai Mara

Masai Mara National Park, we saw many more animals that day, but everything was outshadowed by lion catching bufallo.


Masais dancing


Masais dancing, kid watching and learning

We were back in the park the very next morning. We started with seeing dikdik, a very small antelope, some birds, big and small and zebras. And then our driver and guide just took off. Fast, very fast with no time to say “Buckle up”, but we heard “cheetah”, and understood. Soon we also saw the cheetahs. They were cute, looked like young siblings and we were watching them while they were watching us. It was pretty amazing. Well, the view of other cars were a little disturbing, but soon they left and we were alone with the cheetahs.


Jumping high

rift valley

Magnificent view of the Rift Valley

man with bike

A man with his bike


Masai fabrics, look at those wonderful colors


Lost pillow is found pillow. We saw a school bus loosing a pillow, picked it up, drove along their side and made the exchange. Heartwarming-

After a while David started to go faster again and soon we understood why. Those with binoculars (I was one of them) witnessed a chase, a lion going for a buffalo. And it actually got it. The buffalo fell and lion had it. We came to the scene not long after. Unfortunately together with many other cars, but it’s easy to forget everybody else while watching dramatic scenes, like lions killing a buffalo. The lions were now two and more were coming. The buffalo was now dying, breathing heavily, sometimes giving out a cry. The lions were trying to chew through the poor beasts skin, having a hard time. You could hear it. Finally the buffalo died and you could hear crushing of the bones. Some people were crying, one car got stuck in the mud. Chaos, drama, wilderness.


View of the roadsir isomewhere in Kenya


Everyone wants a picture


Sometimes you just have to wait

After the lions’ feast we saw many other cool animals for sure, but none that I remember in particular. I remember that I wanted to stay longer in the park. The last stop was in Masai Village where we met some Masai warriors and Masai women. They showed us around in the village and danced for us, doing incredible high jumps. I tried to jump as well, but never came even close. Then they told us that they are nomadic people andd move their village every seven years. It’s also about that time it takes dor termites to destroy their houses. They showed us a plants that they use as mosquito repellent and sold some jewelry. Well, you have to adapt to the new times when tourists are coming and customs change. They still have their customs and live like they always used to, but some things change. For example boys to become men used to go out in the bushes and kill a lion. Now days they help rangers with caring for lions. They get to become men anyways. Nice to know.


Passing the equator in Kenya


Nice red flowers


On the way to the next stop, lake Naivasha, we passed a view point with the view of wonderful and spectacular Rift Valley. We also passed the Equator. We were supposed go on a mountain biking safari in the Hells Gate National Park, but many trails were closed due to heavy rain the previous days, so we chose to stay in the camp and relax and enjoy the camping by the lake. The lake was beautiful, foggy and mystical. We were told by the guards that hippos come there at night, so they put up a fence after sunset, so they won’t get into the camp. And in the evening the guards told us when hippos arrived and we saw them for sure. Being so close to nature is pretty amazing.


Warning for hippos, they are nice but can be dangerous


Hippo by night

The following day it was time to jump into boats and take a trip on th lake. Well, more about that soon in the next part.

To be continued…


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