Gorillas, Masais, Rift Valley and lost waterfalls on the Nile (Part 3 of 4)

Welcome to the part three. We made it to the Lake Naivasha and saw hippos during the night. In the morning we got into boats and went across the lake to the Crescent Island. For all of you who have seen the movie “Out of Africa” with Meryl Streep: some parts of the movie were filmed here. There are some animals here as well, like giraffes, waterbucks and gnus that were brought here for the movie and stayed. We wandered around the island for a while. Giong back I really was trying to get a good picture of a kingfisher. How hard can it be?


Mist on Naivasha lake


Alittle kingfisher waiting for a catch

spoon stork

A spoon stork flying away. They were not beautiful, but pretty cool


A pelican, some find it pretty, others ugly. I think it’s a pretty cool bird

The following stop was a part of a world heritage site. The Kenya Lake System of the Great Rift Valley became a world heritage last year (2011) and Lake Nakuru that we visited is one of the lakes. This lake is known for the thousands and thousand of flamingos. Guess how many we saw. Very few. Due to the earlier mentioned rains and floodings flamingos temporarly moved somewhere.It was the same last year at Walvis Bay in Namibia and when I visited Ngorongoro in 2007. Do I get to see lots of flamingos in one place? I have to go back to Africa and find out. We saw very many other birds, spooned stork, marabou storks, cormorans and many many more. There were also many baboons, giraffes, rhinos and many other animals as well. This was a pretty good day as well.

vervet monkey

A cute Vervet monkey with blue balls at the entrance to Lake Nakuru National Park


An eagle, what a majestic bird

Lake Naukuru

Beautiful Lake Naukuru

lake naukuru

Some birds at lake Naukuru

From Lake Nakuru we went to Kampala. It was an exciting city. Exciting, but a city. I love nature, cities are just OK. It’s hot, dusty and not so green, but somehow charming anyways. We went to Kasubi Tombs (another post about that), we were served “wet goat” on a roof and took local transport, a motoke,we saw real people in real situation. We saw happiness, poverty, meat, dust, tears and drank great coffee. And we left the city.


Some flamigos at Lake Naukuru, that styed, despite the floodings

spoon stork

The spoon stork with its red eye looks not pretty. Partying all night?


Baboon at Lake Naukuru. Practicing for the gorillas

A nice giraffe watching us

We decided to reorganize in our trip iterinary and go to Queen Elizabeth National Park before Bwindi. We arrived in the park in the afternoon and we saw fire. The grass was burning pretty much everywhere. Scary. We were told that it probably was a controlled fire that got out of control. The smoke was thick and sticky. We camped at far end of the park and there was no fence to protect us from the wilderness. Keep that in mind.


A horny cow on the way to Queen Elisabeth’s National Park

Kasubi Tombs

Kasubi Tombs, that I described in a previous post

tea plantation

Working in a tea plantation

There are few lakes in the park. Lake Albert and Lake George are two with a channel between. We went on a boat on the channel, seeing hippos, bufallos, elephants and crocodiles. And many, many birds of course. And smoke. Later in the evening when we were falling asleep we heard a noise, right next to the tents, next to our ears. Something was chewing bones.  Hyena? Jackal? Serval? Our guide said it was a dog, but we want to believe it was an wild animal.


One of many birds on the channel cruise in the Queen Elisabeth’s National Park

fish eagle

African Fish Eagle, such a beautiful bird

And we moved on, hoping to see them, hoping to see gorillas. Happy, excited, hopefull. The last part, part four will describe the end of our trip. And if you’re curious already today, the Bwindi forest is already descibed in another post.

To be continued…


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