Gaudi’s magical world in city of Barcelona

Barcelona, what a beautiful city, what a wonderful town. This is a city of hills, churches, wonderful architechture, Barca and many famous artist. There is a wonderful sandy beach in town as well, making it very special. It has it all. This city even had olympics not so long ago. And this is a city of Gaudi and his wonderful, magical works. And I visited it several times, last time with a very good friend in 2010.


This house was not designed by Gaudi, but is still very nice

In order to see the city we decided to ride one of those hop-on hop-off busses. We were transported to different sites and also localized all the interesting must-see things. We stayed near one of the ends of La Rambla, a main street. It is quite lively and very, very touristic. It didn’t stop us from strolling up and down it, looking at tourists, looking at the street artists and drinking sangria at some place. Touristic. Yes, nice as well.


Beautiful door, almost like in Zanzibar


A peacefull dove flying to the skies

The first day, as we arrived around 11 a.m. we got the bus pass for the next day, and this day we just strolled around town. We visited small streets, cute shops and drank coffe at very Barcelonian places. It felt like it anyways. We also went to the Montjuïc hill and tried to find some of the cats I saw here during my previos visit few years earlier. No cats this time but we got inside the Miro museum and I got to see the very famous mercury fountain. All the nerds generally should be happy by the sight of it and the nerd in me indeed was.

gaudi house

Wonderful balconies, a work of Gaudi in the middle of Barcelona


This roof was designed by Gaudi, maybe the entire house as well

The next day we got up very early and went to the bus. There was no problem finding it and not too many people, so we put the earphones in our ears and listened about the sites that we passed. It was interesting, usefull and very touristic, but what the heck, we didn’t have so much time. We passed many Gaudi sites, beautiful buildings, almost fairy-tale like balconies, roofs and entire houses.


Guess what, Gaudi is very guilty here

Sagrada Familia

The very famous church, La Sagrada Familia, is a beautiful work by Gaudi. When will it be finished?

After some time we came to La Sagrada Familia and decided to get out. At the same time there was a couple behind us in the bus, who were saying: “Look, it’s under restauration, no idea to get out here, we can come back next year, when they are ready”. Oh? Don’t they know that it was never finished and probably will not be in our lifetime and this was Gaudi’s intention? Hahaha. Never mind them, we got out and after standing in a pretty long line we payed and got inside. Inside it was like a fairy tale as well. Cool arches, stairs and mosaics. I loved it.


Inside La Sagrada Familia


Going down the stairs

In La Sagrada we took the elevator up and viewed Barcelona from above. It was pretty nice view. And pretty steep stairs going down. Round and round and round. Finally we got down and got back to the bus. We continued the tour.


Barcelona from top of La Sagrada Familia


“Elefandret” is a five-ton bronze elephant sculpture by the Spanish artist Miquel Barceló.

We saw more works of Gaudi and other artists as well. We got to a monastery far away from the city center and Camp Nou, of course. We had to make a visit there, where Barca plays their home games. Pretty big place, pretty cool.


A Gaudi house in Parc Guell


A leg of a lizzard in Parc Guell, yes, you guessed right, Gaudi


The day was almost over and the bus hopping pass as well. Almost at night fall we got to Parc Guell, another of Gaudi’s corners of Barcelona. There were statues and museums and just a nice park. It felt pretty good, and once again, like in a fairy tale. We were surrounded by colors, happy people and romance. Just like it should be.

in Parc Guell

In Parc Guell


A ginger bread house? Well, a Gaudi house at least


me in parc Guell

Me in Parc Guell

Tired and happy we gave up and the next day we went to another church, on another hill. The name of the hill is Tibidabo. Nothing of Gaudi there, but pretty cool place anyways. We went up and down the hill and the church. One more fantastic view.


A beautiful church on a hill, no Gaudi here.

In the evening we went to Magic Fountain of Montjuïc and watched the light and music show. It was pretty nice and good last night in Barcelona-thing. Tired and happy we went out to have some good food and sangria that night as well.



Beautiful fountain with music and lights

On the last day we planned shopping. We discovered it was a very bad plan. It was national day of Catalonia and all the shops, also the tourist-places were closed. Very closed. We strolled around the town and went to the airport quite early. The airport was not closed and neither were the shops there.
The works of Gaudi became a world’s heritage site in 2005. Link to the siye is here: Works of Gaudi.

And number of globes? Well, Four out of five, I think, almost five.


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9 thoughts on “Gaudi’s magical world in city of Barcelona

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  2. Faby says:

    I agree with you, Barcelona is such a beautiful town. Antoni Gaudi’s architecture is amazing and wonderful, he was a visionary.The works of Gaudi’s rival, Montaner i Domenech (Palau de la Musica Catalana and Hospital de Sant Pau – the other WHS in Barcelona), are also beautiful.

  3. Lovely photos!
    We invite you to participate in our next Travel Photography Competition. here are the details:
    Happy travels!

  4. Barcelona is one of the best places I’ve ever visited! So many beautiful buildings, and the view from the Sagrada Familia is lovely too.

    • minqan says:

      Yes, I agree with you. Both view from Sagrada, Montjniuc and Tibidabo hill are astonishing. And the whole city is just soooo nice and beautiful. 🙂

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  6. […] Gaudi’s magical world in city of Barcelona ( […]

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