Greenwich, where the time gets you


Just a stroll in the park. In the end of October, in London there is always huge risk that it can rain. And is it worth to go and visit a park? Well, Greenwich is not any park, and since it is a world heritage site,it might be worth visiting, even on a rainy day in October. Or is it? We went to find out.


Cute town of Greenwich, we liked the town, despite the rain


Entrance to the park

The thought with world heritage sites around London, as I noticed, is that they are not clearly marked with UNESCO’s symbol. Sometimes we found it, and sometimes we didn’t. It’s like they are not particularly proud of being a world heritage site. Or maybe they know what great places they have and they don’t feel that they need to make so much fuzz about it. And so it was at Greenwich, we found a small UNESCO symbol in the pavement. It could as well have been covered with autumn leaves. OK, there was also a bigger sign that we found on the way back to the train, outside the area, but still. So much to be proud of, so little information.


The nice, although small world heritage sign


Ship in a bottle

When we entered the park there was a gallery with a huge ship in a bottle outside. I liked ships in bottles when I was a kid. They always fascinated me, as they were too big to fit into the bottle throgh that little hole. And they were still there. Like achieving something impossible, incredible and cool. Later science became like ships in bottles and even if I started to understand how things work and why, and how they actually get a ship inside a bottle I still like them and find them cool. Why was it there? We didn’t visit the exibition to find out? Maybe because this place was about time and navigation and doing the impossible possible?


What time is it now?

Meridian 0

Meridian 0, clearly marked


The museum of time and astronomy

Greenwich  is a district located in south-east London. It is notable for its maritime history and for giving its name to the Greenwich Meridian (0° longitude) and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). There is an old royal palace in Greenwich, but it looked like a small palace on the outside and probably like many other palaces on the inside as well, so we skipped it. We came here to see the parkm the astronomic observatory and the time line. And we did. Together with many school kids.

prime meridian

Prime meridian clearly marked


Lokking out through a little window in the museum, the meridian is marked here as well


The view would have been nice, but there was construction, or deconstruction in the way

Since we were here in October the place was ok, biut I was told that in the summer the place is crowded and the lines very long to the museum, time line and the observatory. By the way you have to have one ticket for the museum and the timeline and another for the observatory, which feels like a rip-off. The park was nice and the English garden by the museum building as well. It must be beautiful in the spring. And the view of London from the hill is quite nice as well.

solar clock

Solar clock in the museum garden

astronomy center

Astronomy Center, you need a separate ticket here


The cafe was free, so we entered and found this cool stair

One of the olympic arenas was in the Greenwich park and was now taken down. Because of that some of the parked was closed. Interesting to see, but not so nice to walk around construction works.


We found one larger sign, showing that they are proud of the sight

Greenwich became a world heritage in 1997. Link to the site: Maritime Greenwich.

Did I Like this place? I found it interesting, but I don’t feel a need to visit it again. And Grade? Since I don’t have half globes and can’t give two and a haf I will give it two globes. It’s nice to visit once, but that’s enough.



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