The faith of elephants in Serengeti


I know I wrote about Serengeti once before. I often go back there in my thoughts and remember the wonderful nature there. So I decided to go back there in our blog as well. This time I will focus on elephants, so this post is more about the grey, gracious, smart animals and Serengetti. Let’s go!


Elephant walking grasiously around



An elephant starring at passer-bys.

Elephants are endangered, we know it all. And the people who maybe can turn around this problem and make it better simply count their money today more then lives of elephants. Am I surprised? Not really. How can people care about animals, when they don’t care about each other? How can someone who don’t care about his neighbor care about future generations and their ability to experience the same wonderful nature, as we get to experience?

Thailand’s prime minister promised recently that the country will ban trade with ivory. It’s a small step forward. But how about China? They don’t see the need? Come on! The need is huge! And banning the trade is just a small step, we need many steps.


In the afternoon sun.


Mother with a kid

WWF is fighting every day to wake awareness in this field. In many more as well. I was thinking if I wanted to sponsor elephants and rhinos or orangutangs in Borneo or gorillas in Uganda or maybe polar bears or Baltic sea? I chose elephants and rhinos. This time.

Did you know that elephants in Tanzania are on the edge to extinction? Did you know that elephants are smart and they know that in the National Parks, likes Serengetti they are much more safe, they are much more like to survive? They hide there and there are no fences to keep them inside the parks. They choose to stay there. Isn’t that amazing?


Far away


Pretty close

When we visited Serengeti we saw elephants several times. First time they were just next to the road, many big and small and tiny elephants walking in peace by the road. We stopped and watched. Another time was on the edge of the Ngorongoro crater. It was a large male elephant waving his ears. I guess he wasn’t too happy with our presence.

Did you know that African elephants are larger than Indian ones? Did you know that their ears look almost like the map of Africa? Did you know that they are, just as humans, either right or left-handed? Most of them are left “handed” You can see that on their tasks, the one that is shorter is the one that they use more often, so it’s more woren down. Did you know that they live in couples and are monogamous? Did you know that they can cry? When their partner or a child or a friend die they actually mourn and cry and are sad for a long time.



And these wonderful animals some people see as merely chop sticks, ash trays or ivory statues. I have no idea why. But that’s stupid, heartkess and irresponsible.

I could write much more, but this is enough. Serengetti National Park became World Heritage site in 1981, let’s preserve it, lets’s save the elephants and all the other creatures.

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My grade for Serengeti is still five globes.



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5 thoughts on “The faith of elephants in Serengeti

  1. […] The faith of elephants in Serengetti. […]

  2. TBM says:

    They are amazing animals. when I visited Botswana I loved seeing them in their natural habitat. people and nations that encourage the ivory trade disgust me. When I was younger I didn’t know where ivory came from. when I learned I was upset. Thanks for highlighting their plight. Knowledge is power!

  3. Evez says:

    aw I didn’t know you had elephants on here too. Those are great shots! ๐Ÿ™‚ What camera are you using?

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