Planning is half the fun, skipping plans the other half

I love planning my next trip. To put all the details in place, to plan routes, hotels, times, trains, even food, that’s a great joy. We can go there in the morning and stay here and there and look at the stars at night and eat at this great restaurant. Ok?


Beautiful Bled in the morning sun

While planning we often sit and discuss world problems and sip a glass of wine. When the morning sunshine should arrive we usually go to bed having a great plan. The plan is also a starting point to buy flight tickets, that’s somehow important. And the planning part ends here.

My boyfriend hates plans. He doesn’t see the use of them, he thinks that it’s more fun to be spontaneous. Are we so very different? Not really. I love spontanity as well, not knowing what tomorrow brings, come up with a new idea, that’s not part of the plan and realze it the very next second.




The castle

And the trip finally arrives. The previously planned in every detail trip. Very usefull from the plan is flight there. Everything else is a guideline, an option that can be altered or skipped. Even the trip home, if the cat feeding person is aware of that.

Lets take a look at a trip we made few years ago to Bled in Slovenia. Just before the trip we decided to visit some friends in southern Sweden, so we almost missed the flight. Being there was planned and for how long, but that changed too. One day I realized that we could visit my friends in Ljubjana, they had some time to meet us, so we went to visit them. We did some other things not really according to the plan, like visiting Skocjan Caves, he coast and mountains. It was a fun trip, beautiful views, like a postcard.


Enjoying Bled


Old houses

Bled is a wonderful little town with slow pace, lots of tourists and the Alps surrounding it. Being in Bled is like just beeing, just existing. Eating typical Bled cakes or the best ice cream in the world (from several places). I’ve had better, but it’s just a feeling, right there and then.We went up to the castle (I don’t like stairs) and took the boat to the island with old church on it (I like boatrides more than stairs if there are no waves), we swam in the lake (it was fun, but cold water is really not my thing) and then we left for more adventure, according to the non-existing plan.


Out in the field



Bled is by the way another place that is not a UNESCO’s world heritage site, but in my eyes it sure could be.

When we got bored with Bled we took a train and went to Cracow, but that’s another story.


Daily Prompt: Comfort Zone.

via Comfort Zone – planning is half the adventure, changing plans the other half.

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14 thoughts on “Planning is half the fun, skipping plans the other half

  1. […] Comfort Zone – planning is half the adventure, changing plans the other half. […]

  2. I love Bled – thanks for the memory nudge!

  3. Did you go to Bohinj while you were there? Bled was lovely but I preferred Bohinj – far fewer tourists!

  4. snosler says:

    I think seeing a castle like that would be an absolutely beautiful experience!

  5. araneus1 says:

    I’m not a traveler ( ) but I certainly am enjoying yours.


  6. Evez says:

    Did you guys go stargazing? ๐Ÿ™‚ I took some great star pictures in Namibia. Time to upload them..

    • minqan says:

      We did, I never have seen skies as beautiful as in Namibia. Two nights we actually slept under the sky, well, not so much sleep. It was great.

  7. restlessjo says:

    I’m one of those boring people who always has a plan, but I don’t always stick to it, and sometimes it goes wrong. In a good way, or even a bad way. That’s life! But it’s my start point because I never like to miss anything if I can help it.
    I know I would love Bled and Bohinj.

  8. […] Comfort Zone – planning is half the adventure, changing plans the other half […]

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