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Celebrating One Year


Awindmill in Kinderdijk in Holland

One year with the blog! Many UNESCO world heritage sites, many more to go. This year have been a little bit untravelled so far. Last year we already have been to Costa Rica (no heritage there, but wonderful nature), visited several Swedish sites, went to Paris and planned summer in Kenya and Uganda. And this year? Work and winter. But we actually went out for a weekend to island Öja and actually went to Amsterdam last weekend.

We have written about last years travels and earlier ones. We’ve written about plans and wishes, the blog appeared on freshly pressed once (Kasubi Tombs). and it has got many followers.

I promise you more reports from Amsterdam and its sites. How about more travelling? We planned Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe. And it didn’t work out, the trip was full, we found another one, but it was too expensive and bathroom rebuild that showed up from nowhere. Actually we knew it, but just didn’t want to think about it. Now it shows that we are going to move back to our appartment in June or maybe July. No long trips this summer. Or we’ll see about it. Still hoping.

Otherwise I have no idea about summer vacation plans, maybe taking train around Europe? I’m quite stressed about it I need a plan, an outline, something to hold on to. Do you have any ideas? It doesn’t have to be a world heritage. It can be city, nature, wilderness. Hopefully not too cold (I’m tired of winter this year) and not too much rain. 🙂



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Dublin is a pearl not (yet?) on the list


I should have said Happy New Year in my last post. It’s a new year and new ideas after all and new plans, new ideas and new places to visit. Some will be world heritage sites worth to visit several times, some will be sites worth to visit only once and some will be places that are not world heritage sites, but still very much worth to visit. What places do you think are worth visiting? Maybe once, maybe over and over again?


Just an old house


Can you bear the sight of these statues?


Resting by the water

How about new plans? I’m open for new ideas. Before the winter ends we’d like to go to Lueå in Sweden and maybe to Abisko too. And in spring? We want to go on a city-weekend in spring. Maybe to Amsterdam, maybe Prague, maybe Brussels or maybe Budapest or Berlin? Many places on the wish-list, so little time. Later in spring we are planning to visit Salamanca in Spain and maybe Cracow (again). Maybe we can go to Malbork in Northern Poland for a weekend, spend few hours in Gdansk. And then there is summer. The dream would be going back to Africa, this time from Nairobi to Vic Falls. Seems like a good plan for the summer. And before that maybe a few days at the high coast in Sweden.In the autumn maybe London again, or maybe New York, we’ll see.

Our spring city weekend two years ago took us to Dublin. The hotel was just by the O2 arena. We have no idea who played that weekend but the place was crowded by 14-ish year old kids. We couldn’t care less. We hardly noticed them. The place of the hotel was a little bit off, a litle bit outside the crowd and still short walk from the city and communications. Quite acceptable actually.


Famous bridge, I don’t remember the name of the archtect, but he’s famous


Less modern and very beautiful bridge


Happy windows


Street art

The weather was perfect, sunny and quite warm for the time of year. We wandered around the city, watched people, bridges, chilled in parks, went for shopping, drank coffee, beer and had cakes, oysters and great food. The time in Dublin was so worth it! In the very beginning we decided  to take a city tour in one of those hop-on-hop-off busses. We got some city history and viewed famous buildings and interesting sites. Perfect way to find out what you should see and explore.




A church


Guiness brewery


Drinking Guiness

We took a walk of fame in places there famous musicians left their mark. I don’t really remember many artists from Dublin, but I know that U2 are from here. Starstruck! There were many street artists and singers in Dublin. I Even bought a CD from one of them. He was good, young and genuine Irish. I think I’ve listned to the CD once since. By the way, I have an idea for all the street singers selling CD:s. I think it’s time to start selling your music in mp3-format (or similar) on a memory stick. You can have a nice box if you want to, but many people listen to the music on their computers, so why not make it easier for everyone? Or at least have an option with memory stick?


An Irish street artist


Colourfull doors


The bank

Dublin is a city of Guiness. We went to Guiness brewery, of course. It’s a great and interesting place, even if you don’t like Guiness. We, of course had Guiness on the rooftop with great view of the city. That was not the only place where we had Guiness. We found a bar in an old bank, called “Bank”. They had Guiness and oysters as normal bar food, so we had it, of course. We also went to a church turned into a bar and had drinks.


Spring in the park


Nice evening in town

And then there was time to go home. We ordered taxi and waited for it to arrive in the hotel lobby. Some guy came in and asked us “Blablabla?” We didn’t understand a word, so we said “no.” This was our taxi driver and when he started speaking slower and more clearly we actually understood it. Happy joy!

Should Dublin, or anything inside it be a world heritage site? I don’t know. I mean it is a wonderful city, it has great atmosphere, old stuff and new stuff, great people and… yes, a soul. But I’m still not sure. What do you think?


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