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I would erase it, if I could


This was one of the best trips of my life. This was one of the worst trips of my life. This was a goal, as vague as the thickĀ  morning mist on the way to the top and as clear as the air above the clouds. This was a goal that was never reached. And the question is do I want to erase it? No way, but I want to erase a meeting with the travel agent who recomended one day less, then we wished to have on the way to the top of Kilimanjaro.


What a beauty!


On the way, still believing we are going to make it

The travel agent told us we would make it, no problem. We started out and we walked, for hours and hours. Day after day. We passed jungle, bushes with “beard”, smaller plants and we arrived in hostile environment and yet, so beautiful. It was hard, but it worked. Step after step. One breath of air at a time. More and more beautiful. More and more will to make it. Until the last day. The last day we were supposed to walk two day-trips in one day. Something like eight hours up, up, up to 4600 meters. The view up there was great and we just fell down sleeping.

The guide woke us up after maybe an hour: “You have to eat!”Sure, we ate a lot, but still like in a dream. And fell asleep again. Sleep! The whole body was screaming. Sleep!

After a few more hours at midnight the guide woke us up again. “Time to go”. One is our trio decided to stay, we went. Step after step, eyelids fell down, we were trying to keep awake. Step after step. Were the first snow started to cover the ground my friend turned back. I continued for one more hour, maybe two. Step after step, trying not to sleep while walking. Step after step. Finally I gave up. I felt if I ever make it to the top, I’ll have to go back too and I’ll never make it in one piece.


The last stop

Yes, if I’d to delete anything it would be that meeting. I would prefer to meet some other agent who would plan this trip differently. One more day.

Kilimanjaro is a UNESCO’s world heritage site since 1987. Link to the site: Kilimanjaro.

And Kilimanjaro still gets five globes.




Daily Prompt: Erasure.

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