New inscriptions and extentions in the UNESCO’s world heritage list


Namibian desert, Dune 45

It’s that time a year, new sites apperon the list, some old sites are updated and extended. Here you can read all about then on UNESCO’s own site. I’m excited, especially when I see some sites I’ve already visited. Some I’ve written about, some are still to come. And more travels will come, thats cool!.

Here are the new inscriptions and exrensions:

New sites

Extensions of earlier sites:


Namibia, Fish River Canyon, not a site, yet

Political or not

There have been critical voices saying that many of the nominations and chosen sites are very much political and there are other sites that drserve more the list, but don’t matter that much politically. I might agree that some of the sites seem to have been chosen mostly of political reasons, but many are not. I hope that maybe this might be a way to keep people visiting the sites and realize hiw beautiful our world is. If the politics have to be involved to protect our world, it’s environment and peoples freedom, why not, but if the reason is making money by attracting more tourists, I’m not so sure.

Well, that’s all for now. Keep travelling and keep visiting amazing places!


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2 thoughts on “New inscriptions and extentions in the UNESCO’s world heritage list

  1. Lovely post about UNESCO’s world heritage list. Mt. Fuji of Japan such a lovely place to visit in……… as I have a tour over there…. really a lovely place to visit on…..

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